It’s always a good time for a delicious and heartwarming cup of tea. Right? Did you also know that drinking tea on a daily base can really benefit your health? First of all you keep your body hydrated by drinking tea during the day. We all know getting enough fluid into our body each day is important don’t we? But we can make our body even healthier by drinking different kinds of tea. As you might know Simplici-Tea offers you a variety of different tea blends who are all carefully created to improve your health and mindset. Let’s talk about the healthy benefits of drinking tea.


Did you know a lot of herbs and spices contain valuable antioxidants, vitamins and minerals? Everything that makes your body a happy and healthy body. People have been drinking tea for a very long time, also because of it’s health effects. Due to tea’s high concentration of antioxidants (called ‘polyphenols’) it can fight diseases and contribute to the prevention of cancer.

You can also find ‘polyphenols’ in vegetables and fruits and tea is uniquely rich in a few tubes of polyphenols who are really powerful and thereby really healthy!


Like we mentioned before drinking enough tea keeps your body hydrated and that’s always a good thing! It’s better when you hydrate your body with water instead of sugary drinks. If you’re not a big fan of only drinking water during the day than tea is a great -no calorie- alternative. Tea is next to water the most important drink in the world. YAY to that fact! 


Have you ever heard of self-care? It’s a way of taking care of yourself by creating moments to unwind, relax and take a little break. Drinking tea could be a great self-care moment. A warm cup of yummy smelling and tasting tea can be so comforting. Make yourself a cup of tea and take a long hot bath or relax by sitting down for a few moments. Why not calm down with a cup of tea before a good night of sleep? Did you know the CALM blend helps with relaxing your mind and body?

Bestel kruidenthee / Order herbal tea from Simplici-Tea

Drinking tea can contribute to both relaxation and concentration. By choosing one of the Simplici-Tea mindset blends you can make every situation a better situation. Use SHINE to start the day fresh and full of energy. Did you know SHINE contains ginger and mint to boost your concentration and provide you with more energy? It also contains delicious organic green tea to feed your body with antioxidants.

Some herbs can be really comforting for your body and mindset and can help you to relax and feel calm. A combination of chamomile, lemon balm, jasmine and passion flower wil do the trick and luckily for you we created the blend CALM which contains all of these ingredients and more!


Some herbs in tea blends can really improve the digestion of your body, especially chamomile. Ginger can have a positive effect on feeling nauseous.

To us there is no downside to drinking a few cups of tea on a daily base and it’s so much fun to choose different kind of blends throughout the day. Blends that fit to your mood and needs. Don’t wait any longer and enjoy your cup of healthy and happy Simplici-Tea.


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