It’s amazing how we have the opportunity to order so much online and having it being delivered to our house. It’s a fact that most of us are super busy these days and this makes living healthy a little harder. Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by drinking Simplici-Tea tea blends that you can order online in our tea webshop. Don’t wait any longer and order your new favorite tea online and we will make sure to send this your way as soon as possible! Order loose tea online for a healthier body and happy mindset.


People have been drinking tea for ages. YAY, to that fact! Personally we prefer loose tea for a richer cup of tea and because you can choose how much tea you add to your cup. Loose tea makes it easier to switch between different tea flavors throughout the day. The healthy tea blends are perfect to improve your well-being or to give your immune system a healthy boost. Drink tea when you are severing from the flu or drink tea when you are having a cold. We are sure it will make you feel better!

We created healthy loose tea blends for grown ups and for children. Order tea for children to make sure your child is drinking enough without having to give them unhealthy sweet drinks. The tea for children is sweet because of the 100% natural dried fruit that is mixed with different kind of kidsproof herbs.

Order tea online from Simplici-Tea


Have you seen all the Simplici-Tea blends already? Here you can find out which blend fits your needs and wishes and which Simplici-Tea blend is perfect for you! Order tea online in our webshop in just a few simple steps. We like things simple as well! It’s kind of in the name.. 😉 Take a look at our body tea blend or at out two unique mindset tea blends. You can also find a special MOMMY & LITTLE ONE package so you can enjoy a CALM tea moment with your little loved one.


Did you know a lot of tea companies don’t use natural and organic herbs? We at Simplici-Tea want to make a difference by providing you with 100% natural and organic tea blends. This isn’t only important for our own health but also for the environment. Do you want to enjoy a cup of unique tea? By placing your order in our online tea webshop we will send your package on it’s way within 3 work days. Order tea online and let’s start this healthy journey together.


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