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Hi honeys, thanks for stopping by! Maintaning a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy but in my eyes it so worth it. It’s rewarding and fun once you find your way and create a lifestyle you absolutely love.

If you know me from Healthy Wanderlust you might think that I have always been this healthy girl but the truth is that I created a complete new lifestyle for myself when I was 21 and changed my way of living and eating over the last years more than ‘just a couple of times’. So I know how difficult it can be to create and maintane a surtian lifestyle. What if I’m telling you that eating healthier can give you more energy, more motivation and more happiness in your life?

I want you to feel that way as well and that’s why I’m talking about 4 easy ways to create that lifestyle that will make your body healthier and will make you feel GOOD and HAPPY! These ways might not be breaking news to you but it might be a wake up call or a friendly reminder, and sometimes that’s all we need.


There’s a chance you don’t want to hear this at all. I feel you, because there are many many many days where I wound’t mind staying at home (watching Netflix) instead of working my ass of in the gym. But the truth is, it makes me feel so much better after my workout. Working out will make your feel more energized during the rest of your day and it will make your body stronger and healthier. Working out is much easier when you find a type of workout that you love. If doing cardio excercies in the gym doesn’t motivate you at all than try something new. I switched from cardio, to weightlifting, to moxing, to yoga and the other way around. Keep it fun for yourself and don’t axpect to much to fast. Keep your goals realistic and make sure you celebrate the personal records you break!


This might be the easiest first step in creating a healthy way of eating. Start filling your plate with fresh, clean and colorful ingredients. Prosessed foods are a no-go from now on and try to eat less sugar. This will only make you want to eat more and more (probably unhealthy) food. Nutrition is a really big part of a healthy lifestyle and I know it may seem overwhelming at first, but it really doesn’t have to be.

Try to grab a few healthy snacks with you everytime you leave your house. Now you are in control!


Your body needs to be hydrated enough to stay healthy and to feel energized during the day. Try to switch to herbal tea or water for the most part of your day. Pretty easy to do right? Did your know that our body is made of water?! About 70%!

Drinking enough water during the day will give you more energy and will improve digestion. Take a bottle of water of take your simplici-tea blend to-go to every place you go and sip your way trough your day. Did you know SHINE is perfect for daily use?


I can’t say this enough but planning your days and meals helps a lot with eating healthier. It might seem like this will take up a lot of your time but once you get the hang of it, it will actually save you time (and money!!). Plan your meals for the upcoming week and create a crocery list. When you only have to visit the grocery store once it will keep you from buying a lot of unhealthy snacks on all your shopping trips after a long workday (we buy more food when we are hungry).

When you plan your meals you will know for sure that every meal is healthy and nutricious. You don’t have to worry about busy workdays where you don’t have enough time to lunch at a healthy café of that you are to tired to cook a good meal after a long work day. Because you already thought about this and you might already cooked a few meals ahead!


Note that a healthy lifestyle should work for you, so it’s important to do some research and to find out what kind of food you like to eat and what will nourish your body at the same time. It’s fun to take better care of yourself because you will feel happier, stronger and more energized once you make this decision.

With love, Merel


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