My fascination for the healing power of different kind of herbs was one of the main reasons I started Simplici-Tea. Plantpower! Herbal tea isn’t just delicious, it can be a great source of vitamines, minerals and antioxidants. Let’s talk a little bit more about healing herbs and the healthy benefits they can have for your body and mindset shall we?


I’m sure you have some herbs and spices laying around in your kitchen cabinets. You probably use these (often) to add flavor to you dishes. A great way to use different kind of herbs and spices of course! But there’s more.. A lot of (high quality) herbs and spices have antibacterial and antiviral properties and are high in vitamins and minerals. You probably have a few super healthy herbs and spices in these same cabinets right now. Like cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, thyme or rosemary. Read more about 10 other healthy herbs.

Herbs, seeds, spices and dried fruit can also have a healthy benefit to your body when you infuse them in hot water. You call this herbal tea. The make the hot water taste and smell delicious while boosting your health. To us it’s the easiest way to take care of yourself!

Read more about the healthy benefits of ginger of turmeric and find out which Simplici-Tea fits your needs. The blends are created for you!

Healing herbs and herbal tea


Herbal tea is an infusion of a mix of different high quality herbs, leaves, seeds, dried fruits and spices extracted in hot water. Plant power in a cup! Herbal tea comes in a lot of different varieties. Some of them are more common while other herbal tea combinations are special depending on your area of the world. The specific health benefits of acht type of herbal tea all depends on the composition. This can me a combination of different herbs, seeds, flowers or spices.

By drinking herbal tea and using healing herbs on a daily base you can make all sort of changes to your immune system,  your well-being and the way you feel.


Ofcourse you can grow all different kind of healing herbs in your own back garden (you definitely should! It’s so much fun) but we don’t always have the time to maintain this. Right? No worries, cause you can pick one of your new favorite Simplici-Tea blends and you are done! Seriously, it’s that easy. Because by choosing Simplici-Tea you also make the decision to make a priority of yourself and to take care of your body and mindset. All the unique body and mindset blends are filled with healing herbs and can have amazing healthy benefits to your body and mindset. Can you guess which blend is my favorite?


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