A lot of different kind of herbs and spices can have truly powerful and valuable healthy benefits to your body and mindset. It’s the main reason why we created Simplici-Tea. We believe in the power of plants! The Simplici-Tea blends are a combination of a variety of healing herbs, seeds, rich spices and dried food. All the blends have a unique healing effect on body and mindset. Let’s tell you a bit more about the healthy benefits of some of the herbs and spices we use.


It’s the most important ingredient of the BOOST blend and there’s a reason that this blend is our favorite. It may be on of the most effective nutritional spices in existence. Many high quality studies show that it has great benefits for your body and mindset. It’s heartwarming, antibacterial and rich in vitamin A, C and E. Read more about why you should use turmeric more often. 


Cinnamon is most known for it’s amazing smell but there’s more… Did you know cinnamon works analgesic, inhibits blood sugar levels, oxidative processes and inflammatory processes? It has a valuable health effect on your blood levels.


Ginger is empowering, heartwarming, provides energy and a strong antioxidant. Kind of a powerful list already right? Ginger also has healthy benefits to your immune system. It’s great for fighting a cold or the flu. Want to read more about ginger? Click here!


Chamomile is one of the most important ingredients of the CALM blend. Chamomile has the ability to reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality and even soothe menstrual symptoms. That’s the reason we used this herb in our powerful PERIOD blend. Did you know that drinking a cup of chamomile tea can help you fall asleep faster?


Sage is a very powerful herb. A cup of infused sage can help with a sore throat and help your body beat a cold! Sage is also very populair amongst adult woman because it can have a positive effect on hot flashes and night sweats. That’s why our MENO BLUES blend is perfect for woman going true menopause who experience menopause symptoms.


Most people know nettle as the harmless looking plant which can leave a stinging and itchy pain on your skin when you brush you skin up against it. Little did we know that nettle can also be really good for us! Dried nettle detoxifies the body, purifies the blood and can relieve (severe) menstruation cramps. Its’ also Rich in vitamine C, D  and minerals like silicum, potassium, iron and nitrate.


Mint smells amazing but it also as great healthy benefits. It has a pain relieving effect on the body, increases motivation, decreases mood swings, works antibacterial, stimulates digestion and rich in vitamin A, C and E. Pretty powerful right? That’s the reason why we used this herb in our SHINE blend. It helps you start the day productive and full of positive energy.


These orange little flowers are not only super cute but there’s something else why you should like marigold! It’s super good for your skin. Without using any chemicals you can now take better care of your skin. Use the SHINE blend and it will do the rest!



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