Enjoy a cup of the SHINE blend every morning to rise and shine. This rich flavorful blend will help you say hello to a brand new day and to make the best of it! A rich and fresh combination of ingredients that will make your cup of tea smell delicious. Spicy ginger, fresh lemon grass and organic green tea make this blend perfect to enjoy during the day.

The blend is carefully created to give you more energy, motivation, create a happier mindset and to stimulate the digestion. It’s rich of antioxidants and vitamins, super healthy and yummy at the same time. 

Ingredients: green tea, lemon grass, ginger, mint, marigold, guarana, mate, lemon flavor.

Large: 80 grams (good for about 70 – 80 cups of tea)
Small: 40 grams (good for about 30 – 40 cups of tea)